Weddings in Sorrento

This gorgeous town facing the Bay of Naples is one of the most requested locations for destination weddings in Southern Italy, thanks to its impressive tuff cliffs and sunny seascapes.

According to a legend, Sorrento is the place where Ulysses was tempted by the song of the Sirens - and maybe their enchanted call has never lost its attractive power. But its history is even older than that: when the beauty of Capri or Positano was still unknown, Sorrento had already been discovered by Phoenicians. They were followed by Greeks, Romans, Normans and many famous visitors such as Lord Byron, Keats, Goethe and Walter Scott.

When Sorrento was annexed to the new Kingdom of Italy in 1861, it increased its status of one of the most renowned tourist resorts in Italy, and it's easy to understand why. Sorrento has all the most appealing aspects of Italy: stunning natural beauty, history, excellent food, shopping and lots of friendliness.


Because of its enormous popularity we strongly recommend to book a wedding in Sorrento pretty in advance. Last minute requests can be accommodated according to availability. Plenty of hotels, villas and B &Bs are available for accommodation, many of them offering good deals for groups. It is preferable to avoid the busiest months of the year June and September, when weddings are performed one after the other. If you are interested in receiving further information about Sorrento weddings, contact our planners.

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