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Ravello Weddings

Wedding in Ravello

Perched high above the Amalfi coastline, little Ravello is like a small slice of heaven, a perfect location for romantic destination weddings with its breathtaking vistas. Accessible only after a circuitous ascent by car or bus, the main attraction of this small and ancient town, isolated from much of the hubbub of modern Italy, is the golden opportunity to relax in its intimate and unhurried atmosphere.

Wedding in Ravello

The town has always been a favorite spot for artists and writers: here Richard Wagner took inspiration for the plot and stage design of his opera Parsifal. Greta Garbo flew to Ravello for her secret romance with musician Leopold Stokowski.

This small town is an important historic and cultural centre, and the location for the internationally attended Ravello Music Festival, which takes place annually from March to December. Across the main piazza the mystical and romantic Villa Rufolo with its immaculately kept gardens is a delight to wander around, the perfect place to absorb the calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Wedding in Ravello
Wedding in Ravello

Plan your wedding in Ravello

Ravello is one of the most requested locations for elegant and refined destination weddings on the Amalfi Coast. We strongly recommend couples considering a large wedding to start the whole organization a year in advance, in order to find availability in the nicest venues and be able to accommodate their family and friends in centrally located hotels.

By contacting our Ravello wedding planners you will receive further information on this spectacular town and many useful details to create the wedding of your dreams.

Bridal couple in the gardens of Villa Cimbrone Ravello
Temple for outdoor ceremonies at Villa Cimbrone in Ravello
Wedding in Ravello Duomo
Ravello wedding keepsake

Testimonials who choose Ravello

Teresa and Kirellos, Wedding in Ravello.

Where does one start while reviewing the best wedding planner in Italy? Laura Frappa is the most professional, kind, detail oriented, artistic, and caring person I’ve ever met!

Tomas Paul and NaomiWedding in Ravello

Absolutely everything, from the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony to the reception, was so much fun and really reflected us as a couple. We will remember it forever, and only wish we could do it all over again!

Wedding Ceremonies in Ravello

Choose to get married in Ravello, a tiny, charming, secluded village perched high on the cliffs on the Amalfi Coast.

With its first class hotels Ravello is definitely the most elegant and refined destination for a wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

It offers an incredible variety of venues where to plan any kind of ceremony you desire. Its spectacular botanical gardens overlooking the sea are perfect backdrop for amazing wedding pictures.

Civil Wedding in Ravello

Civil wedding in Ravello

Civil wedding ceremonies in Ravello are performed at the local town hall, which is located in the upper part of the village and only a few minutes walk from the major attractions in town.

The municipality of Ravello is a charming 12th century Palace, with a lovely tiny garden with tropical plants, colorful flowers and a vine covered pergola.

The ceremony can be celebrated indoors in an intimate hall decorated with antique furnishing.  During summer, if the weather allows it, outdoor ceremonies can be held in the courtyard.

Catholic Ceremony in Ravello

Catholic wedding in Ravello

There are different churches in the heart of town where catholic ceremonies can be performed. All of them are within walking distance from the nicest reception venues, charming hotels and the beautiful botanical garden of Villa Rufolo in Ravello.

Protestant Wedding in Ravello

Protestant wedding in Ravello

There is the possibility to perform two kind of protestant ceremonies. The first is celebrated by an Italian Pastor that has the authority to perform legally binding ceremonies. The ceremony is co-officiated by an English-speaking interpreter. The second is performed by an English-speaking pastor and the ceremony is religious only (not legally binding). Protestant wedding ceremonies in Ravello can be held in different amazing locations.

Symbolic Ceremony in Ravello

Symbolic Wedding in Ravello

This type of marriage ceremony does not require any kind of documentation and can be easily organized anywhere you choose. It is ideal to be considered as a good alternative to the civil ceremony if the number of guests goes over the capacity of the marriage hall. In this case you may consider to have a civil ceremony either in your country or in Italy before the symbolic marriage. The ceremony is purely spiritual and does not have any legal validity.

Ravello offers many enchanting venues where to organize an outdoor ceremony overlooking the sea.

Wedding Receptions in Ravello

The small, elegant and refined town of Ravello has definitely the most extensive variety of properties and venues where to organize a successful wedding reception.

If you are thinking about a location where you can find a place where to dance and party until late then Ravello is definitely ideal for you.

It is highly recommended for intimate and large wedding parties for the wide variety of venues available suitable to any kind of budget.

We have selected for our clientele the nicest and top rated venues offering great attention to wedding banquets in Ravello.


Mediterranean Villa in Ravello

mediterranean villa in Ravello

This splendid liberty style Villa is located in the heart of the romantic village of Ravello. It is an enchanting Villa in a secluded position hidden from the view of the tourists with great panoramic views from its garden terrace, a large park full of flowers, a Gazebo permanently set that can hold large groups and the private Villa. A magnificent classic Mediterranean Villa with tasteful décor.

Wedding parties are usually held in the garden, under the Gazebo where you can enjoy an open-air reception with incredible vistas of the sea and sky. We particularly love this venue, for its secluded ambience, Mediterranean feel and relaxed atmosphere.

Antique Monastery in Ravello

Once a Convent, this small and magical hotel located just out of the heart of Ravello dates back to the 12th century and is run by a very welcoming family who personally welcome their guests and pleasantly share their knowledge of the area with tourists. From the well preserved garden, the romantic historical Cloister and the privileged panoramic terraces you can enjoy superb views.

Luxury Hotel in Ravello

Luxury hotel in Ravello

This luxury 11thcentury Palace hotel in Ravello is located on the highest point of Ravello and is one of the most elegant destinations we propose to our couples, a hotel with a centuries-old tradition of attracting elite travelers.

Frescoed walls, two restaurants, one of which is in the gardens, a piano bar, an olive tree garden, a secret garden and an outdoor heated pool welcome guests from all over the world.

Exclusive Villa in Ravello

Exclusive Villa in Ravello

This villa is located in the most scenic spot of Ravello and only 10 minutes walk from the centre of town. Idyllic location. No words can describe the beauty of this enchanting and spectacular venue.

The gardens of this villa are one of Ravello’s most famous attractions. After only 10 minutes walk from the centre of town, you pass through the entrance gates of the villa, and its magnificent gardens open up like magic! The most dramatic view is from its belvedere terrace with its stately Roman Statues accenting the dazzling view.

Palace Hotel in Ravello

Palace hotel in Ravello

The gracious hospitality of this 12th century boutique Palace Hotel situated in Ravello has hundreds of years of experience. This deluxe 5 star Palace Hotel is an authentic and architectural masterpiece of a classic elegance that has been preserved to better serve discerning travelers coming to Ravello from all over the world.

Floors and staircases are of marble, contemporary artworks line the walls of the public areas, the pool is idyllic, the terraced gardens and the rooftop jacuzzi, this Palace has been rated as one of the world’s finest hotels and boasts a two-star Michelin restaurant.

Charming Restaurant in Ravello

This is a romantic boutique hotel located along the picturesque path that starts on the Duomo square and goes up to the famous Villa Cimbrone. The building is a romantic old Roman villa with a garden stretching to the side where tables and chairs are set. We love this hotel for its peaceful atmosphere while dining and its beautiful vista.