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Catholic Ceremony in Ravello

There are different churches in the heart of town where catholic ceremonies can be performed. All of them are within walking distance from the nicest reception venues, charming hotels and the beautiful botanical garden of Villa Rufolo.

Churches - Duomo

Impressive and mystic church. Dedicated to St. Pantaleone, it was founded by the Bishop Orso Papirio in 1086. Then it was restructured on the twelfth century and on the eighteenth century in Baroque style. Very interesting masterpieces of Art inside the small chapels. The interior is simple yet refined, a mix between the mystic beauty of the Romanesque style and the opulence of the Baroque décor. Plenty of light thanks to its white marble and double-light windows. The interior can hold up to 200 people.

Church Santa Maria a Gradillo

Lovely intimate church located three hundred meters along the central via Roma, to the left of the Duomo. Local Mediterranean architecture combined with a mix of Byzanthin and arabic art. This was the place where the town noblemen gathered to discuss civic issues. The small Sicilian-Saracenic bell tower has two light mullion windows. Bright interior with three naves. The church can hold up to 100 people.

Ceremony Specials

It is possible to arrange catholic ceremonies with civil validity. The couple must present all the documentation for the religious and civil ceremony. English-speaking priest is available. An harmonium is available in the church. If you are legally married you can consider a Catholic wedding only. Catholic wedding blessings are performed. Very creative florist is available to decorate the church to your needs and budget.

Catholic Wedding in Ravello. When?

Highly recommended from March until November, though weddings can be performed all year round. Weddings can be performed all days of the week except festivities.