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We create the wedding of your dreams

Wedding Services

Our planners will assist you in the creation and coordination of your wedding in the Amalfi Coast, providing finest quality services that ensure a successful and memorable Italian wedding.

Accommodation bookings and suggestions

Treat yourself to one of the Amalfi Coast’s breathtaking hotels and enjoy the unique beauty of the panorama of sea, sky and small white towns perched on the green mountains. There are plenty of welcoming places where you and your guests can spend the night.
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Music for weddings on the Amalfi Coast

For a successful wedding on the Amalfi Coast music cannot be missing! Music is a fundamental part of local culture and for sure an essential part of a family gathering such as a wedding day.
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Amalfi Coast wedding flowers

Amalfi Coast wedding florist will execute floral decors and arrangements that personalize your wedding and give a special touch to your wedding day. 

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Wedding Photographers on the Amalfi Coast

Photographs are the best keepsake for your wedding on the Amalfi Coast. It is important to choose a reliable wedding professional able to capture unique moments. We have selected qualified wedding photographers with different styles to suit every wish and budget.
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Paperwork assistance

We provide full assistance with paperwork requirements whether you are planning a civil or religious wedding in our country. Your personal wedding planner will follow every step of your wedding documentation.
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Wedding budgeting

Are you planning a wedding on the Amalfi Coast and you have a specific budget? Let us know the budget you have and what are the services you need. Our planners after a brief interview will work closely with you to create a package that suits your needs
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Wedding directors

Weddings on the Amalfi Coast provides for your wedding in Italy experienced wedding directors able to orchestrate your event perfectly, making sure everything is in place. Our wedding directors create a personalized schedule of event, giving to all providers involved a detailed program with all timings of your ceremony and reception.
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Wedding Designers

Our expert professional will work closely with you to ensure the wedding reflects your style, personality and taste, focusing on the color theme, style and design.
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Beauty Services

For a perfect bride to be you cannot miss to be pampered on your wedding day by one of our beauty service professionals. We work only with excellent and experienced staff able to guarantee the most perfect look.
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Wedding favors

Wedding favors are thoughtful tokens of affection for your guests. From traditional sugared almonds to hand-painted bottles of limoncello liqueur, or local ceramic pots, possibilities are endless…
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If you want to travel to and from your wedding ceremony with style choose our qualified transportation service providers.
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Let our Amalfi Coast event planners help you organize activities for your guests, making their holiday experience in Italy truly unforgettable. An incredible variety of activities are available, for a memorable vacation.
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Fun and Specials

Add a personal touch to your wedding celebration with welcome baskets for your guests and funny activities for kids and grown-ups!
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