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Civil wedding in Capri

Capri Town Hall

The town hall of Capri is located in the very heart of town, facing the famous Piazzetta. A classical Mediterranean building with white stone walls and a delightful courtyard. The interior is in a simple and modern style with a balcony windows facing the Piazzetta.

Civil marriages in Capri are performed by the Mayor or civil registrar. The actual ceremony can take place only indoors in a marriage hall that can take place up to 40 people. Couple is required to present the whole paperwork documentation at least 4/5 business days prior the wedding.

Anacapri Town Hall

The town hall of Anacapri is located in the highest part of the Island of Capri. An area of wild natural beauty and spectacular vistas of the sea and island. Wedding ceremonies in this part of the island are performed at the local registry office. A simple and modern building. Ideal for small wedding ceremonies.

Civil ceremonies are celebrated by the Mayor of town and performed in Italian Language with the assistance of an interpreter. Couples must present original documents at least 3 business days prior the wedding. Anacapri.

Ceremony specials

If you wish to enrich and personalize your wedding ceremony you can add personal vows, poems and readings to your wedding ceremony. The wedding hall can be decorated with local seasonal flowers and you can hire local musicians to create a magical Mediterranean atmosphere.

When to get married

Anytime between April and beginning of November.