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Symbolic Wedding in Positano

Symbolic wedding ceremonies are ideal for couples wanting to avoid all the work involved to complete documents for a legal or religious ceremony. This kind of wedding is usually considered by couples having a legal wedding in their country before or after their vacation in Italy. It is also recommended for couples renewing their wedding vows or that want to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Venues for symbolic weddings

Symbolic weddings in Positano can take place either in the luxuriant botanical garden of an 18th century palace in the heart of town, the panoramic terrace of a beautiful hotel, in a private sailing boat, or in your own self-catered villa. The ceremony can be celebrated by a non-denominational minister or a family member and can be completely customized in such a way that reflects your beliefs and values.

Ceremony specials

The content of a symbolic or commitment ceremony will vary from couple to couple, and is always tailored to the needs of each individual couple. The ceremony can be as traditional as you wish, or relaxed and unstructured. You can include personal vows, favourite songs, poetry, religious elements or pagan rituals.

When to plan a symbolic marriage in Positano

Since this kind of ceremony is usually performed outdoors, we recommend wedding in any time that goes from March until November. No advance booking is necessary. Ideal for couples planning a very last minute wedding.