Elaine and Steven, Wedding in Atrani


Steve and I have made it back to the U.S.  Tired, happy and a lifetime of memories to treasure!

Words cannot express how sincerely both Steve and I appreciated the extraordinary service, support and "end product" you delivered for us. To say it was a perfect day is a completely truthful statement and in some ways does not do it justice. Everything we could have asked for in terms of the overall experience was amazing.

I wish you could have seen us walking the streets in Atrani post ceremony, the fun we had in the local town square: folks asked Steve and I if we were famous! - and asked were we actually getting married, or were we celebrities on a photo shoot?! Fun and crazy!

However the most special part of all was our ceremony.  In my head I had seen this a thousand times.  We fell in love with our Church from the moment we laid eyes on it.  You suggested the perfect venue for us. From meeting the local lady who runs the Church (we think), to the Pastor, to the setting, to the amazing soprano - it was a special, intimate and loving experience for us. We will never forget it. We bought a beautiful oil painting of the Church as a treasured momento. Spectacular!

You helped created the image I had in my head (with early input from Laura, so honorable mention here) and brought the whole experience to life for us.

In particular, what I truly wanted to acknowledge was that I know our little affair is not one of your more grand occasions and didn't require as much attention as others, but you made me feel, every step of the way, that each question, each issue and everything I asked for was never too much trouble. That is no easy feat with my "needy" bride emails in full swing.

I would be happy to be a reference for life (for any bride and groom considering using your services). Please never hesitate to ask. I will gladly speak with anyone you need. It was exceptional on every level.

My idea of a vintage style affair, complete with photo shoot, involvement of the "atmosphere" of Amalfi - and the love we felt throughout the day from the vendors you helped me choose: Gianni, Zoe, our video guy etc etc - was also fantastic.

I would very much like to send a personal note of thanks to each of the individuals who helped create such an amazing experience for us.  When you get a moment, can you send their emails to me, so I may send a personal note of thanks? In the meantime, if you do speak to anyone involved in our wedding, please, please pass along our heartfelt thank you.

Also, just a quick mention of a few others as well. We loved Ms. Giovanna, our local coordinator - she greeted us like an old friend, and made me feel so comfortable. Our hair stylist was such a doll also - willing to try many different styles to get it "just right".

I could go on and on about everything. We are still coming down from a high. Obviously, we are now anxious to see the pictures and video from the big day - and here in the U.S., full planning mode continues for our big party in November.  If either you or Laura get an urge to come visit, you have two friends here in the U.S., plus there are two invitations for you to our party - you just have to say the word!

I shall miss our weekly correspondence for sure.  However, please know that you played a very special role in our special day, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Warm regards,