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Inger and Tony, Wedding in Ravello

Hi Martina!

We are now back in Norway. Trying to switch the kids back to their normal routines... Bed time being some hours earlier ;)

Had a wonderful vacation! Italian people are so friendly and Amalfi + Ravello is the most beautiful places we have ever seen!

Don't even know where to begin! We are soooo pleased with our wedding! A real fairy tale come true! 

Was worried about the weather, having a horrible thunder storm and rain the days prior to our wedding. The wedding day the sun woke us up! :)

My sister (maid of honor) and I spent the night before the wedding at a fantastic suite at Villa Cimbrone, overlooking the amazing garden and breathtaking view. Had a lovely breakfast and a nice swim in the pool before getting ready.

One of my best friends and bridesmaid Jeanette arrived to do my hair and make up. I was waiting to get nervous and stressed on such big day, but with all the details double checked and confirmed the day before I was CALM and had fun.

At three o'clock our wedding coordinator Maddalena and the photographers arrived with the beautiful bouquets!!! 

The photographer Mr Pasquale and his assistant were so professional! Took photos of all the important details such as shoes, bouquets, my two little girls that were playing around and of cause my wedding gown ++ ! :)) 

When ready we had a nice walk down to the Church of Santa Maria a Gradillo. It was all coordinated and timed for me to get there when all our guests + Tony was inside.

Now my heart was beating faster! Meeting my beautiful bridesmaids calmed me down. Amazing to walk down the isle looking at all our loved ones. Biggest moment of them all was looking into Tony's eyes! Such a moment!!! 

Our priest was such a cool guy. Made the ceremony perfect! Did not even notice all the beautiful flowers until we were walking out of the church! Hehe... 

Drinks at piazza Duomo was perfect before the nice little walk to the amazing Villa Cimbrone!

When arriving the Villa it was like stepping into a movie scene! It was so beautiful with flower arrangements, a nice bar, appetizers and waiters walking around serving delicious food.

Tony and I were guided by our photographer to the most picturesque places of the gardens and the breathtaking terrace of infinity! Most amazing view we have ever seen! Can't wait to see the photos!!!

When we didn't think it could be any better Maddalena guided us to the Cript for our wedding banquet. Walking into the Cript, seeing the most beautiful table arrangements, hearing all our friends and family cheering for us will be one of those moments closest to our hearts that we will never forget!!! :) unbelievable...

Everything was PERFECT and more beautiful than we could ever imagine! All our guests told us it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever attended! 

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great personal service you have provided us. Always a quick reply to all our questions and always so positive and kind! 

You have taken all my ideas, thoughts and wishes and brought them to life in the most fantastic way I could ever imagine!!! All my last minute changes you fixed without even questioning me. I'm so thankful having you by our side planning one of the most important day of our life! We had absolutely NO stress on our wedding day thanks to your organized planning, great ideas and of course your professional contacts!

Love Ms Maddalena that coordinated the whole day. Perfect! 

The photographer Mr Pasquale and his assistant did a fantastic job! Can't wait to see the pictures and relive the whole wedding.

Flower arrangements and bouquets done by Malafronte made the whole setting! Did not know flowers could make such a statement!!! :)

Ms Judith and the staff at Villa Cimbrone was great!!! Got a lot of feedback from our guests telling us the service was excellent!

Please keep in touch! 


Inger & Tony Årsbog