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Weddings in Sorrento

Wedding in Sorrento

This gorgeous town facing the Bay of Naples is one of the most requested locations for destination weddings in Southern Italy, thanks to its impressive tuff cliffs and sunny seascapes.

According to a legend, Sorrento is the place where Ulysses was tempted by the song of the Sirens - and maybe their enchanted call has never lost its attractive power. But its history is even older than that: when the beauty of Capri or Positano was still unknown, Sorrento had already been discovered by Phoenicians. They were followed by Greeks, Romans, Normans and many famous visitors such as Lord Byron, Keats, Goethe and Walter Scott.

When Sorrento was annexed to the new Kingdom of Italy in 1861, it increased its status of one of the most renowned tourist resorts in Italy, and it's easy to understand why: Sorrento has all the most appealing aspects of Italy: stunning natural beauty, history, excellent food, shopping and lots of friendliness.

Destination wedding in Sorrento
Romantic wedding in Sorrento
Wedding in Sorrento
Wedding in Sorrento
Wedding in Sorrento

Plan your Wedding in Sorrento

Because of its enormous popularity we strongly recommend to book a wedding in Sorrento pretty in advance. Last minute requests can be accommodated according to availability. Plenty of hotels, villas and B &Bs are available for accommodation, many of them offering good deals for groups.

It is preferable to avoid the busiest months of the year June and September, when weddings are performed one after the other. If you are interested in receiving further information about Sorrento weddings, contact our planners.

Testimonials who choose Sorrento

Rachael and Robert, Wedding in Sorrento

We would also just like to say we couldn't have done it without you. From the first day you contacted us, everything has been so easy to organise (for us!) and it was such a safety net having you there to turn to. Your recommendations, organisation and attention to detail helped to create our dream wedding in Italy and we want to do it all again next year!

Rachel and Paul, Wedding in Sorrento

The ceremony took place on the roof terrace at the Relais Blu - it was the most incredible setting, with absolutely stunning views over the Bay of Naples. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did to help make our day perfect. We loved every minute, and we have so many happy memories and wonderful photos.

Wedding Ceremonies in Sorrento

Get married in the world famous coastal village of Sorrento, and be captured by the Mediterranean flavor of its colorful streets, citrus groves and panoramic hotels nestled at the edge of the sea.

Sorrento is a truly popular wedding destination, boasting the largest number of wedding ceremonies of our country. Couples travelling from all over the world choose this gorgeous town as their marriage location. Discover how many beautiful options you have to plan your wedding in this impressive town of Southern Italy.

Civil Wedding in Sorrento

civil wedding in Sorrento

Cloister of St. Francis in Sorrento

Civil wedding ceremonies in Sorrento are held in the impressive medieval cloister of St. Francis of Assisi. This venue is located next to the panoramic gardens of Villa Comunale. The cloister of Sorrento is incredibly romantic, especially in the summer season when weddings are performed open air, surrounded by exotic plants and scented flowers.

Villa Fondi in Piano di Sorrento

Villa Fondi is a magnificent ceremony venue located just 10 minutes from the centre of Sorrento, where civil weddings are performed outdoors on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

Sorrento civil wedding

Catholic Wedding in Sorrento

wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Catholic weddings in Sorrento unfortunately are not longer possible for couples not residing in town.

However, couples considering to have a Catholic ceremony can always plan their marriage in one of the beautiful churches located on the Amalfi Coast, which is only about 30 minutes drive from the centre of town.

Protestant Wedding in Sorrento

protestant wedding in Sorrento

Protestant weddings in Sorrento can be performed in any of the magnificent historical hotels, palaces or villas situated the very heart of town.

Since no protestant churches are available in town, couples have to freedom to choose to marry in any property they prefer.

Symbolic Wedding in Sorrento

wedding in Sorrento

Symbolic weddings in Sorrento are commitment ceremonies only and do not have any legal validity.

Since the ceremony is purely symbolic it can be officiated anywhere you prefer: a wide selection of finest hotels, palaces and villas are available in Sorrento.

Wedding receptions in Sorrento

Nothing would be more perfect, after a romantic Sorrento wedding, than having your wedding reception in one of Sorrento lively restaurants or in one of its incredible ocean view hotels and villas.

You can expect excellent Mediterranean cuisine, spectacular vistas and a friendly atmosphere! There are many charming venues for a customized wedding reception in Sorrento.

Garden Trattoria in Sorrento

garden trattoria in Sorrento

This antique trattoria is truly a unique, relaxed and delightful restaurant, with beautiful areas where to celebrate your wedding.

The outside is filled with lush plants and scented flowers, while its interior offers different charming halls ideal for small wedding banquets. The atmosphere is homey and intimate. Delightful outdoor area with vine covered pergola.

Modern Relais in Sorrento

Modern Relais in Sorrento

This exclusive Relais is located in a green luxurious Mediterranean shrub garden, rich of hundred-year-old olive trees, maritime pines, agave plants and a spectacular rock garden.

The villa is surrounded by the blue sky and crystal-clear blue sea where Sorrento Coast and the Amalfi coast meet. From any point you can admire the beautiful scenery of the Island of Capri and its Faraglioni, Ischia, Procida and Vesuvius. It's the ideal place to spend a relaxing and romantic holiday.


Romantic 5-star Hotel in Sorrento

Romantic Hotel in Sorrento

This wonderful 5* hotel rises on the foundation of an old Roman Villa. It was born as a private property but a couple of years later this beautiful residence was transformed into a small charming hotel.

The terraces of the hotel, facing the spectacular Gulf of Naples, offer breathtaking views. Wedding banquets in 3 beautiful panoramic restaurants suitable for beautiful sit-down receptions.

Historical Hotel in Sorrento

Historical hotel in Sorrento

This wonderful five-star luxurious hotel is perched atop the cliffs, commanding a spectacular view of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Beautiful private gardens and a five-acre orange grove surround the hotel providing a peaceful and natural environment exclusive to the guests. Its impressive gates open into the main square in Sorrento, Piazza Tasso.

This hotel dates back to 1834 and has been owned and run by the Fiorentino family, one of the few founding hotelier families remaining in Italy today. The long history of this hotel is reflected in the unique fin-de-siecle style of the building, containing original antique furniture and decorations.

Villa La Divina in Sorrento

Villa for weddings in Sorrento

Located at approx 20 minutes’ drive out of Sorrento, Villa la Divina is a wonderful modern Villa with 11 beautifully decorated double rooms, located in a quiet position among gardens, fragrant orange flowers and lemon groves surrounded by the charming Sorrento peninsula.

It dominates the peninsula overlooking the island of Capri, Mt Vesuvius, a clear Mediterranean sea and blue sky and on a clear day the suggestive sunset will remain unforgettable. You never get tired of the views, the location, the atmosphere.