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Weddings in Positano

Positano weddings

The road lay-out through this unique little town is quite amazing, just a steep one-way street and a higgledy-piggledy mass of sloping cobbled alleyways and steps.

Fashionable boutiques selling the famous Positano lace dresses line the narrow alleys and there is a colour and gaiety about the place which lends a very festive feel to the atmosphere.

The famous author John Steinbeck once described Positano as "A dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone". It certainly is an astonishing sight as picturesque Positano appears before you: a cluster of pretty pastel-shaded buildings packed tightly on a steep terraced hillside with the beach and the glistening sea far below.

Plan your Wedding in Positano

Positano remains the most wanted location for weddings on the Amalfi Coast. It is ideal for young couples looking for a romantic and joyful event. Advanced booking is highly recommended. Please contact our Positano wedding planners to know more about getting married in this unique wedding destination.

Wedding in Positano
Wedding in Positano
Positano weddings

Testimonials who choose Positano

Sotara and Wilfred, Wedding in Positano

Thank you again for all your hard work! We had a perfect day and so many of our guests have commented that our wedding was the most beautiful and intimate wedding they have ever attended!

Martin & Kristen, Wedding in Positano

Hi Chiara! Everything with the wedding was great - it was really perfect and thank you so much for taking care of everything.

Wedding Ceremonies in Positano

Positano, with its little colorful Mediterranean houses and the vibrant blue of its sea and sky, is considered the jewel of the Amalfi Coast. It is definitely the most lively but at the same time romantic wedding destination. This little fashionable village offers special venues with incredible vistas of the sea where to tie the knot.

Civil Wedding in Positano

Positano civil wedding

Positano Town Hall

The town hall of Positano stands on the highest part of town, on a very panoramic location that dominates the entire village.

We love very much this venue for its authentic Mediterranean feel. The building itself is a typical white building in Positanese style. Civil Ceremonies during summer are held on a panoramic terrace where spouses and guests can admire the most beautiful deep blue sea of the Amalfi Coast.

Catholic Wedding in Positano

Positano catholic wedding


The Collegiata of Santa Maria Assunta dates back to the 13th century. Formerly of a single nave with a prestigious floor decorated with bizanthyn mosaics. On the main altar you can admire the beautiful icon of the Black Virgin with child. The legend tells that this icon arrived to Positano from the sea.

This magnificent church is located in the very heart of Positano. To reach the church you must walk through a very romantic street covered with arches of bougainvilleas in bloom. Its location is unbeatable, only few minutes walk to the main beach.

Protestant Wedding in Positano

positano protestant wedding

Protestant weddings in Positano can be performed in private villas, in a lovely botanical garden or the panoramic terrace of your favourite hotel. Protestant churches are not available in Positano and the nearest church allowing this type of ceremony is about 45 minutes drive.

Symbolic Wedding in Positano

Symbolic wedding ceremonies are ideal for couples wanting to avoid all the work involved to complete documents for a legal or religious ceremony.

Symbolic weddings in Positano can take place either in the luxuriant botanical garden of an 18th century palace in the heart of town, the panoramic terrace of a beautiful hotel, in a private sailing boat, or in your own self-catered villa. The ceremony can be celebrated by a non-denominational minister or a family member and can be completely customized in such a way that reflects your beliefs and values.

Positano symbolic wedding

Wedding receptions in Positano

Unique and romantic venues are available in Positano for a refined wedding reception. After a careful selection of the nicest restaurant and hotels we are happy to recommend the best venues where to organize a lively and joyful wedding party in Positano.


Luxury Hotel in Positano

Luxury hotel in Positano

Hotel situated discreetly in the heart of Positano and overlooking the whole village.

A superbly relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere greets you in this enchanting hotel. Great care and attention has been lavished upon this unique place by the aristocratic owner who has created the welcoming ambience of a beautiful private villa.

Fisherman's Manor in Positano

Fisherman's manor in Positano

This hotel is located at one end of Positano's bay and enjoys an enviable position.

Originally a fisherman house, this venue is now a five star hotel with all modern comforts and an incredible saltwater pool that is one of the largest in the village. Lovely panoramic terraces facing the ocean and the beach of Positano.


Secluded Restaurant in Positano

Secluded restaurant in Positano

Intimate wedding reception in Positano

Located in the heart of Positano, in a secluded and intimate position, this small and charming restaurant is cozy and in modern style. We particularly love the secluded and relaxed atmosphere of this venue. No sea views.



Mediterranean Garden in Positano

Mediterranean Garden in Positano

Situated in the very heart of picturesque Positano near all the little shops, it is only a short walk along a footpath to the sea and the main beach.

The old wing is an historical palazzo with tall windows and wrought-iron balconies; the new wing is a whitewashed Mediterranean building with arches and terraces. You can relax in antique lounges or in the charming vine-draped patio, and enjoy gorgeous views of its enchanting garden.

Panoramic Terrace in Positano

This beautiful panoramic restaurant is located in the heart of Positano in a secluded and intimate position, on the beach.

This stylish, sophisticated, romantic venue with a modern touch is the ideal place for wedding receptions in Positano.

Historical Villa in Positano

Exclusive Villa in Positano

The most exclusive historical villa in Positano, a luxurious 5 star residence on the hills of Positano with frescoed ceilings and precious furniture and artworks and with a gorgeous views of the coastline.

The Villa has been recently restored, and can be rented for weekly stays and weddings. A heavenly villa with beautiful gardens, bougainvillea plants, lemon and orange trees and a large panoramic private pool at disposal of guests.